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Mile High United Way Grants $1 Million in Rapid Response Funding to Address Critical Community Needs

The Rapid Response Funding supports organizations providing immediate, basic needs services to individuals and families disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.
Denver (April 22, 2020) – Today Mile High United Way announced its first $1 million in Rapid Response Funding for organizations across the Denver-Boulder metro area that are helping residents meet their immediate, basic needs.
“Right now, the short- and long-term needs of our community are rapidly shifting and growing in unprecedented ways, and we have the ability to hear first-hand from our community exactly what those needs are through our 2-1-1 Help Line” said Christine Benero, President and CEO of Mile High United Way.
Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Line is the first-line response for all human services needs as they relate to COVID-19. Since the outbreak, 2-1-1’s call volume has increased dramatically with the number of requests for help spiking to over 2,100 on March 30, up from a daily average of 330. In total, between March 2 and April 3, their 2-1-1 Help Line received nearly 20,000 requests from individuals and families in need of critical support.
Based on an analysis of the call data, Mile High United Way was able to assess areas with the greatest need in the Denver-Boulder metro area and select partners focused in those areas.
“Our 2-1-1 Help Line has given us a window into the overwhelming need for immediate human services. Many of our neighbors are now facing difficulties like food insecurity for the first time,” said Benero. “This funding allows us to get emergency support to individuals and families who have been disproportionately impacted by this pandemic.”
The first $785,000 in Rapid Response Funding has been distributed through 50 community-based organizations that are focused primarily on food security, housing, rent/utility assistance, health services, and support for seniors. The remaining $215,000 will be distributed to childcare providers in our community to ensure that providers continue to have a healthy, safe, and enriching environment for young children, and so parents can return to work.
Mile High United Way is committed to serving under-resourced communities and to supporting our neighbors through this crisis. In addition to immediate relief, Mile High United Way has expanded and adapted its direct service programs to assist individuals and families in their long-term recovery.
About Mile High United Way
Working side-by-side with the community, Mile High United Way takes on critical human services issues facing our seven-county footprint including the Metro Denver, Boulder and Broomfield communities. Our united approach changes the odds for all children, families, and individuals in our community, so that we all have the opportunity to succeed. Learn more at unitedwaydenver.org and follow us on social media @UnitedWayDenver.
Learn more about joining Mile High United Way’s COVID-19 Response! With your support, we can continue to meet the short- and long-term needs of our community.

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