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Your Impact in Metro Denver: Teresa Van De Bogart


Teresa Van De Bogart with her son, Thomas Van De Bogart, and daughter-in-law, Sarah Pallotti, at October’s Tocqueville Society Social Hour at the Dairy Block.

Teresa Van De Bogart is the VP, Global IT Solution Delivery, Molson Coors Brewing Company. She is also the Chair of Mile High United Way’s Women United.


What’s your why?

Giving to others in need motivates me. I have so much compared to so many in part due to the circumstances of my life and upbringing. Buying some “thing” for myself no longer satisfies me as much as giving to someone who really needs it. I moved to a different house a couple of years ago after living in the same home for 25 years. The amount of “stuff” I gave away either because I never used it or never really needed it was such a reminder that I should really think about every single dollar I spend in a different light. My involvement hopefully also inspires others.

My son is Vice Chair of the Mile High United Way Catalyst Society – the next generation of Tocqueville Society members. I never asked him to do it, but rather have learned from United Way of his leadership. I am inspired when others pay it forward.

Why are you so involved as a leader in Women United?

I have had the opportunity to spend time with some recipients and see the need as well as the support that United Way provides. So many non-profits have a singular purpose, yet United Way provides or coordinates a menu of services that really stabilizes and propels its beneficiaries to a more stable and fulfilling life.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Treat everyone with kindness and respect regardless of background, social status, etc. We are all equally important.

What are you most proud that Molson Coors has done/ is doing?

We have been supporters of United Way for at least 30 years. The focused work we support for Centers for Family Opportunity is really making a difference in helping people get jobs or get better jobs. I have a great job for a great company and my wish is for others to have the same.

What is your hope for the future Metro area?

That we as a community come together even more and collectively make more rapid and sustainable strides in high school graduation rates and reduced family homelessness. Beyond the obvious effect of education on economies, it also reduces crime and health care costs in our community. An educated community reduces other societal ills and thus the cost to us all.

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