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Howard and Sue Trust Mile High United Way


Sue and I have lived in many communities around the country and have repeatedly seen how United Way has played a critical part in these communities by helping those in need obtain the services and assistance they need from organizations, large and small, that United Way has prequalified.

As we have moved into each community, we were able to rely on United Way and immediately begin to support the community without feeling we needed to research and understand all of each community’s needs. This was certainly true when we began living almost full-time in Silverthorne and trying to gain an understanding of needs throughout the State of Colorado. Mile High United Way’s leadership in the non-profit sector of the State’s economy led us to believe this gift was one of the best ways we could help.

Sue and I strongly believe that legacy giving is a critical means to ensuring the long term survival and viability of the organizations we support. Through this gift, along with similar gifts from many others, we are helping to ensure that Mile High United Way will be there to help those in need in the future. We believe it is our fiduciary responsibility to the community to help where we can, and there is no easier way to provide that support.

It is an honor to be associated with Mile High United Way and to be able to provide this gift. We know that no matter who is leading the organization when this gift is ultimately realized, it will be put to good use.

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