Mile High United Way Selected to Manage Inclusivity Fund to Support Arts, Culture and Science

Mile High United Way selected to Manage Inclusivity Fund to support arts, culture and science.

The new Inclusivity Fund was created in 2016 with direction from members of the State Legislature during the reauthorization process for the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.

An Inclusivity Fund Advisory Committee was appointed by the SCFD Board of Directors and convened in January 2018. The primary purpose of the Committee is to ensure that the fund is distributed in a way that builds capacity for smaller arts, culture and science organizations, particularly those that serve and/or represent traditionally underserved communities. Selecting a non-profit organization to assist in the administration of the granting process is essential to that primary purpose. The grants will help build capacity among the smaller organizations in the seven-county SCFD region; and also, support additional programming for underserved communities.

“As the mission of Mile High United Way is to create opportunities for everyone in our community, we are honored to have been selected to partner with the Advisory Committee to administer the Inclusivity Fund,” said Christine Benero, President and CEO of Mile High United Way. “Communities thrive when arts and cultural experiences are available to everyone and we are looking forward to the support the Fund will bring to new and underserved communities.”

The selection of Mile High United Way was made by the Committee through an open request for proposals in August 2018.

The Fund will be supported by annual contributions from the five largest SCFD organizations – Denver Art Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and Denver Zoo. These organizations are committed to supporting the fund for 12 years.


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