Mile High United Way's physical office is currently closed, but all of our services including 2-1-1 will be running at full capacity. Please dial 2-1-1 to reach our community resource center.

Together, We are a Community United

United We Rise. Rise With Us.

Even separate, we’re bonded through community. Even at a distance, we stand strong together.

Right now, we’re finding new ways to step up for one another without the ability to hold, or hug, or even offer an un-gloved hand. Together, we’re finding ways to see the hope still shining bright in the hearts of our neighbors, to hear it in the nightly howl that rallies our support for each other, and for those on the front lines, to feel it in the voices speaking up and refusing to back down. Together, we are defining the power of a Community United.

To everyone who has volunteered their time, to everyone who has donated to meet the needs of our community, and to everyone who has shared a message of hope, a message of change, a message of progress — you are the heart and soul of a Community United.

A Community United in Action

Creating a Community United takes all of us.

To everyone who wants to understand how to do more, to affect change, to be part of the short- and long-term solutions our community needs, this is for you. This is an invitation to get inspired to unite with us in supporting our community.

Get Involved

Create the change our neighborhoods need right now and help build a firm foundation for systemic change with partnership, volunteerism, and giving opportunities that are in tune with what communities need most.

Volunteer From Home

Join our virtual volunteer team to support our community from your home. You can sign-up to support our 2-1-1 staff by connecting people to critical resources, provide support for seniors, and more.

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Volunteer In-Person

If you are young, healthy, and showing no symptoms of the virus, our nonprofit partners need volunteers to help to prepare meals, distribute supplies and help keep our local shelter facilities clean and safe.

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Attend a Virtual Training

Realize your volunteer potential through our Give Back Better virtual trainings. Deep dive into our volunteer values and explore a new topic or Mile High United Way program such as trauma-informed care, Bridging the Gap, and more.

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Become a Partner

Get your whole team engaged in our community. We can provide everything you need to connect your employees to a cause they care about for meaningful impact.

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Get Informed

Learn about the biggest, most complex challenges facing individuals and families in our most our under-resourced neighborhoods, and how we are working to create lasting change in these communities.

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Invest In Our Community

When you give to Mile High United Way, you are investing in positive, systemic change in the lives of families, children, business owners, and individuals across the Denver-Boulder region.

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Volunteer Spotlight | Jonathan

Jonathan, a Mile High United Way donor and virtual volunteer with our COVID-19 Response Program, shares his experience assisting our 2-1-1 Help Center in helping first responders in our community access childcare. Thank you, Jonathan, for sharing what it means to you to be a #CommunityUnited.

Messages from our #CommunityUnited

Submit a Message of love, encouragement, and hope to our community.
"Dear Center for African American Health, Thank you so much for the incredible work you are doing to promote health in Denver's African American community. It is so needed during this unprecedented time, and always. Thank you for continuing to build a stronger and healthier community. Thank you!" - Kristen
"Dear Front Line Hero, Thank you for providing excellent care to our community. Your courage and commitment to your job is inspiring. I'm grateful to all of you and will be keeping you and your fellow essential workers in my thoughts as you continue to others before yourself. A loved one of mine has severe asthma and it is thanks to people like you who are keeping him safe and healthy during this time. I appreciate you!" - Reagon
"Dear Teachers, I send you this note with the sincerest wish that you will be able to welcome your students in person in the Fall. I know to be a teacher, you must adore children and I can only imagine how hard it was for you to not see them for months at the end of the last school year. I was impressed with how teachers and families alike adapted to learning remotely. Thank you for making the effort to keep our children learning. I believe teachers play a critical role in a child's life and I want to make sure you know that, we, as parents, deeply appreciate all you do! All the best to you and your school for the upcoming year." - Nicole
"[To the Nonprofit Community] I want to recognize the hard times that are happening throughout our country and let you know that your community loves you. We appreciate all that you have done and for the courage to continue providing services during this time! Stay safe and know that you are in our hearts." - Alyssa
"To those helping others amidst all the turmoil, A simple "thank you" is not enough to suffice the appreciation and gratitude we have for all of you. The countless hours, risks, and hard work you have all put in have not gone unnoticed. It is people like you that restore faith in humanity, especially when we live amongst such chaos. You are changing lives and changing the world, and we are forever grateful." - Kate
"To anyone who is feeling isolated during this time, you are not alone. I know these times are hard and it may seem like people are far away, but I promise there are people who are thinking of you and care for you deeply. If you're able to do so, try getting outside and enjoying the fresh Colorado air! It could do wonders. I am sending you so much love during this tough time." - Cat
"Dear Students, I hope you are having a summer filled with fun and laughter. As you start thinking about school and how different it might be when you return, I just want to tell you that 'We will get through it together!' You are so smart and hardworking, and will do amazing this school year. Do not be afraid, instead shine as bright as you can and everything will be better. I wish you the best of luck and am so proud of you already." - Valeria
"To the essential employees working to maintain the prosperity of their communities thank you! We are indebted to you all for aided us in such a difficult time. You have our backs, and we will have your backs to aid in the fight for the improvement of work conditions as you need: unionship, petitions, etc; we will not be gaslit, and we will honor you for your efforts." - David
"Dear Soul2Soul Sisters, Thank you so much for your strength and being a critical part of change. Your work is not unnoticed, and the community is better with all of your work." - Samantha


Share how you’re supporting our community or what it means to you to be a Community United. Submit a story, photo, or video to inspire others. If you're sharing on your own social media channels, don't forget to tag @unitedwaydenver and use the hashtag #CommunityUnited.

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