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Maria and Yasmin

Gonzalez Insurance Group/Adelante Community Development/Omega Brokerage

Maria was the owner and operator of a local insurance agency in Commerce City that employed her adult daughter Jasmine.

When Maria began working with the United Business Advisory (UBA), she was thinking about changing her business model and needed input from a competent attorney and business adviser.

At the same time, she was volunteering as the leader of a community-based organization, called Adelante Community Development. With Adelante, Maria and her nonprofit colleagues had an idea to start a food truck education program to assist entrepreneurs interested in starting a food truck business.

The United Business Advisory team worked with the Colorado Lawyers Committee and located a volunteer attorney, with a large Denver law firm, who advised Maria through a challenging, but successful transition as she wound down her Gonzalez Insurance Group business.

UBA provided a seed investment to help Adelante fund the development of their food truck entrepreneur training program, which they successfully piloted in 2018. Today, UBA is helping Jasmine Gonzalez develop a growth strategy for her new business Omega Brokerage.

Volunteers helped Maria and Jasmin:

• Advise on how to wind down a business
• Seed capital to fund a nonprofit food truck program
• With hands-on support in the Adelante community garden
• Assist them with a business growth strategy for their new insurance brokerage

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