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Wraparound Support Helps Families Grow

Being a parent means that you have an opportunity to be your child’s first teacher. You get the chance to watch your child grow, and you get to grow with them.


But how can you teach your child when you don’t know what they need or aren’t sure where to start?


For many parents in the Mile High United Way Bridging the Gap (BTG) program, they are investing in their families to ensure they are able to provide the same resources we all want for our children. BTG serves young people ages 18-24 who have exited the child welfare system. For young people who recently left the system, it can be difficult to get the resources they need to thrive. But, with support of their Independent Living Coaches and support from the BTG community – together, they are working towards their future goals and the goals they have for their families.


In the Bridging the Gap Infant and Toddler Community (BIT-C), positive interactions between parents and children are being facilitated, and growth is happening.


“My whole week is thrown off if I don’t come (to BIT-C), it gives me something to look forward to,” said one BIT-C participant.


The parents are working diligently to build skills and create a better future for both themselves, and their children.


Parents are learning how to nurture for their children and are now more in tune with their needs. Because of the program, parents and children are growing, together.


“I’ve learned how to give my baby space to just have fun and be a baby.”


When you grow up without a sense of support, there can be a hesitancy towards trying anything new or even believing you can. These parents are demonstrating how change can happen with the right kind of support, all while investing in their child’s future.