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Jason believes in improving Metro Denver through service and dollars

We reached out to Jason, a Mile High United Way Leadership donor, to see what motivates him to give and volunteer.

1. What has inspired you to be a part of Mile High United Way as a Leadership donor?
I have seen first-hand the great work the supported nonprofits are doing and could not be prouder to support their causes.

2. What is your “why” for giving back to the community?
I give because I care about improving the lives of others. Supporting those in need is the backbone of a strong community. Helping others financially or through volunteer work has a tremendous impact in improving lives and the city we live in. The net effect is tremendously positive for all of Denver.

3. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
The late Fr. Richard Hauser, a Jesuit at Creighton University, said, “Nothing is that important, nothing is that important.” He was referring to school, but it certainly applies to the rigors of life. He went on to discuss that it is family, friends and community that matter most. A thought certainly worth remembering.