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Lockton’s Top Five Ways to Make Your Giving Campaign Successful


Mile High United Way has been fortunate to call Lockton, a global professional services firm that focuses on risk management, employee benefits, and retirement services, a partner for over 20 years. In 2018, our partnership reached new heights. It was during Lockton’s fall 2018 giving campaign that nearly 400 Associates raised $1 million to support health, education, and financial stability in our community.

Read below to find out what you can do to build a vibrant giving campaign within your organization.



Make It About Impact


Community is at the heart of Lockton’s giving campaign. In fact, Lockton focuses their work on three main pillars: Clients, Associates, and Communities. Denver’s 2018 giving campaign theme, “Homecoming,” hit on all three. Denver employees were able to rally around the idea of celebrating homecoming in the community by creating stability for families, and focused on Mile High United Way’s Bridging the Gap program, which helps young adults ages 18 to 24 in transitioning out of the child welfare system and into adulthood.

“Supporting the community we live and work in is more than a necessity, it is a privilege,” said Tate McCoy, CEO of Lockton’s Mountain West operation which encompasses Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Seattle. “We believe that our commitment to social responsibility builds stronger families, better professional relationships, and more committed Associates.”


Build a Strong Committee


More than 20 Lockton Associates are on the giving planning committee in Lockton’s Denver office. They collaborate to carry out events during the two-week campaign. Associates start planning three months ahead of the campaign launch to execute a successful campaign. Abbey Kemp, a Lockton Associate, leads the committee and works incredibly hard to get her coworkers excited about giving back and engaging with the community.

“Associates at Lockton donate their passion and energy back to the community not because they have to, but because they want to,” said Abbey Kemp, account executive and giving campaign planning committee chair for the Denver office. “They are enthusiastic and excited to give back because they care about where they live and work. #LocktonLife energy is hard to describe, but you can feel it when you see our Associates in action with philanthropies.”


Bring In Your Leadership Team


Lockton leadership in the Mountain West is engaged at every level. Tate McCoy, CEO, and Mark Bundy, COO, got into the spirit of the campaign and “coached” the team through their Homecoming closing event. Producers who are responsible for leading teams and winning business at Lockton, pledged vacations, sponsored experiences, and donated dinners and other prizes to encourage Associates to give back during the campaign. Lockton’s commitment to the community comes from the top down. They engage with Associates at every event and communicate through their own involvement that caring for our community is key.

“At Lockton, every Producer is the CEO of his or her own business and like any good CEO, they work to lead by example,” said Mark Bundy, Chief Operating Officer of Lockton’s Mountain West operation. “Commitment to the community has been a Lockton tradition since the beginning and as our business grows so does our passion for giving back to meaningful organizations like Mile High United Way.”


Make It About Having Fun


When it comes to giving back to the community and having fun doing it, no one does it quite like Lockton’s Denver office. The planning committee unites around their theme every year and goes all-out. They transform conference rooms into high school gymnasiums, wear mascot and cheerleading costumes, orchestrate games and prizes, provide food, drinks, and time to hang out with each other. The Lockton Denver office has such a successful campaign because they love coming together as a team, especially when it does good for their community.


Make Philanthropy a Part of #LocktonLife


There’s a reason that Lockton raised $1 million in Denver in 2018: caring about the community is built into their culture. Associates are given time off to volunteer on their own and through office organized volunteer outings. #LocktonLife is the motto. It means creating a vibrant and caring workplace culture and giving Associates an amazing experience from the first time they hear about Lockton to after they retire.

When it comes to the giving campaign, #LocktonLife sets a goal and works toward it all year. It’s about being creative, fun, and impactful. It’s about coming together for golf tournaments, lunches, and other special events. Philanthropy is a part of #LocktonLife, and that is evident in the goals they set, the events they create and the fun they have making the community stronger.

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