Mile High United Way's physical office is currently closed, but all of our services including 2-1-1 will be running at full capacity. Please dial 2-1-1 to reach our community resource center.

Courageous Conversations

Mile High United Way's virtual event series to engage all voices and to co-create more equitable communities.

Courageous Conversations is our virtual event series that explores topics around social justice and racial equity.

During each session, we host leaders in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to share their insights into the social justice issues facing communities of color. Courageous Conversations is intended to encourage collective understanding and action and to explore how, as an organization and as individuals, we can work to build greater equity in our community.

As a learning organization, Mile High United Way has been on our own equity and anti-racism journey. We hope you will join our Courageous Conversations to grow your knowledge and join the fight against systemic racism.

A powerful moment from our recent Courageous Conversations

Dr. Rosemarie Allen on talking with kids about race

Upcoming Event

Economic Justice: How the Income Gap Disproportionally Hinders Women and BIPOC Communities

April 27, 2021 | 12:00 - 1:15pm

Join us as we seek to better understand the history of wealth inequality in our country, what is being done to rectify the disparities, and how we can be part of bridging these economic gaps.

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Courageous Conversations Recordings

Our Statement Against Injustice

We stand united against the injustices and cruelty of systemic racism. We are calling on our Metro Denver community to stand united with us.

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Take Action

Find resources to learn, invest, and act in order to create change and join the fight against systemic racism.

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Social Justice Fund

Mile High United Way’s Social Justice Fund invests in impact-focused and collaborative community programs that focus on equity and social justice, education and awareness of issues affecting our communities of color, and ongoing engagement through volunteering around social justice issues.

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United we rise. Rise with us. Together, we are a #CommunityUnited.

To everyone who wants to understand how to do more, to affect change, to be part of the short- and long-term solutions our community needs, this is for you. This is an invitation to get inspired to unite with us in supporting our community.

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