Mile High United Way's physical office is currently closed, but all of our services including 2-1-1 will be running at full capacity. Please dial 2-1-1 to reach our community resource center.


Mile High United Way works to remove barriers and create pathways to success. We are committed to ensuring long-term systemic solutions to change the odds and move families out of poverty.

Mile High United Way's policy and advocacy work is rooted in being a Community United.

For 133 years, Mile High United Way has believed that a community and a country can only succeed when we are united, and that every individual must receive equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and maintain their livelihood. But this vision can be constrained by complex problems including systemic racism, educational disparities, power imbalances, societal norms, and economic policies.

Our work must include a systems change approach. Using a race equity lens and an economic equity lens, we work to remove barriers and build pathways to success through long-term systemic solutions for children and their families.

Our Community Priorities

We work to ensure families across our seven-county footprint have the resources they need to thrive. We ensure children are entering school ready to succeed, young adults are prepared for academic success as they transition to college or the workforce, and families have their most basic needs met and have opportunities to move toward economic success.

Leading the Charge for Colorado


Whether we are testifying on the Hill on behalf of Metro Denver's most vulnerable citizens or meeting policymakers to share our insights, we are leading the charge to make Colorado a more just and vibrant place for all.


Colorado is fortunate to have expert organizations working to improve education and social policy. We invest in their work, helping to maximize impact with multiple organizations focusing on the same issues.

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Education and Engagement

We believe being politically engaged means doing more than voting. We regularly host events to help our partners and stakeholders understand the issues facing our state and how they can make a difference.

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Roweena Naidoo

Senior Director, Policy and Impact Investments


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