Mile High United Way's physical office is currently closed, but all of our services including 2-1-1 will be running at full capacity. Please dial 2-1-1 to reach our community resource center.

2-1-1 Impact in the Community

Learn more about how each call improves a life, a family, and our community.

Success comes one call or one text at a time.

We measure our impact in tiny victories: a family getting the financial help they need to stay in their home; a parent that can concentrate on their work because they know their child is in quality care; or a senior that is able to maintain their independence after getting connected with a program that helps them with transportation or chores.

Together, these individual victories create a big win for our community.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and community partners, 2-1-1 is provided to individuals who need help at no cost to them.

Are you interested in supporting our work? You can designate your personal or corporate donations to support 2-1-1 directly. Learn more about how you can help continue to make 2-1-1 available at no cost to the community.

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