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Gloria Pursues Her Dream

Gloria stands with a completion certificate

“I’m what they call ‘stubborn.’” Gloria says, flashing a wry smile. “I was constantly being told, ‘Just take your GED. It’s a lot easier for teen moms. It’s what’s convenient.’”

But Gloria – like many former foster youth whose every move is plotted out by a well-meaning but seemingly endless parade of caseworkers, judges, and lawyers – was tired of being told what to do. She had wanted to graduate from high school since she was a little girl, and she wouldn’t be deterred.

Gloria’s son was in the audience as she walked across the stage at graduation. “I believe that I have to lead by example…so my kids can actually say, ‘Mommy did it; I can do it too.’”

She didn’t stop there. She’s working full-time and providing for her family. Her Bridging the Gap Independent Living Coach recently helped her navigate buying her first car so she can spend less time commuting and more time being a mother.

And as busy as she is, Gloria finds time to use her voice to advocate for others coming from similar situations. With support from Bridging the Gap, she recently shared her perspective with family court judges from across Colorado to help them understand the educational challenges youth in foster care face.

Gloria fought to gain control of her own destiny, and now she’s fighting for others like her. What are you fighting for?