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Aubrey Advocates for a Woman in Need

Aubrey works at her desk for Mile High United Way's 2-1-1

I’ll never forget my call from an older woman who was facing two great losses: her life partner and her memory.  She called Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center after her husband, a veteran, passed away, because she was receiving notices about foreclosure on the house she had lived in for decades.

My heart ached for the woman as I took note of her challenges and promised to connect her with resources. Through the powerful database we have at 2-1-1, I connected her with several agencies. Knowing her struggles with Alzheimer’s, I promised to call back several days later to make sure she followed through. When I called back, she had forgotten about the resources and the steps she needed to take to get her payments on track. It is moments like this that I feel like a true advocate.

I reached out to an elder-care provider to get her set up as their client. They ensured that the foreclosure did not proceed, and that they would provide in-home support for her going forward. Knowing that this woman’s husband dutifully served our country, and now I could serve and honor her, was a great moment for me.

Your support creates meaningful connection for people during times of great need.