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Angellynne Finds Stability and Hope

Angellynne stands in front of Mile High United Way

Having struggled with homelessness and addiction, Angellynne knew where a life of instability could lead. Her challenge was to overcome her past. And she was determined.

Angellynne built up her courage and dialed Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center. Within seconds, she was sharing her story – and hopes – with someone who was genuinely listening. The 2-1-1 specialist offered Angellynne a resource: a local sober housing program with an opening. It was the one program she had not yet tried.

The realization that she had a chance was overwhelming. “The resource specialist somehow managed to calm me down,” Angellynne says. She would continue her fight.

Angellynne enrolled in the program her 2-1-1 specialist suggested and worked hard for two years. Today, she has graduated into a downtown apartment, maintains a steady job, and cares for a dog of her own. Though her needs have changed, she continues to rely on 2-1-1. “No matter how many times I call, Mile High United Way is there for me,” she says.

Angellynne is fighting for a better future for herself. What are you fighting for?