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Evaluation & Learning

Learning helps program leaders create greater impact

We believe that to create long-term community change, we must continually examine and improve the work we do. 

What does the Evaluation and Learning team do?

The Mile High United Way Evaluation and Learning team provides the necessary information to know if our programs and investments are contributing to positive changes within the people and places with which we work. We do this through:

  • Continuously learning and optimizing our investments in the community

  • Generating knowledge around promising practices and community trends

  • Creating impact through targeted evaluation and learning partner support

  • Demonstrating impact to our donors and community stakeholders

How do we foster learning and improvement? 

As an organization, our data is used to continually optimize our portfolio of investments. We conduct an annual portfolio review that assesses the current impact of the program, areas for improvement, and opportunities for long-term growth or optimization. We also collect data in key learning questions from our Impact Investment Partners prompting our own learning about how to best support their work. Learning with our internal programs and our partners not only allows us to continue to strengthen our investments, it also allows us to communicate the impact of our work.

How do we generate knowledge and best practices? 

Mile High United Way captures data on core outcomes and learning questions, and we are currently implementing a plan to convene stakeholders quarterly from communities, businesses, and non-profit and government agencies to identify trends, promising practices, and inform an agenda for continued action. 

How do we create impact to donors and stakeholders? 

We create impact through investing resources and evaluative expertise in our community partners through two targeted initiatives: the Social Innovation Fund and The Performance Collaborative.

Mile High United Way's Social Innovation Fund invests in early literacy programs to deliver effective interventions using data to drive program improvements and expand services to children from birth to age eight.

The Performance Collaborative at Mile High United Way strives to influence change on an organizational level. By offering multiple learning opportunities, Mile High United Way teaches organizations to more systematically use data to advance learning and improvement within their organizations. Learn more about The Performance Collaborative.

How do we demonstrate impact to donors and stakeholders? 

Mile High United Way communicates impact, research, and community data through our Annual Report, learning briefs. If you would like to learn more about Mile High United Way’s impact, please feel free to request a brief educational presentation from one of our Resource Development staff.

For more information, please contact Kenzie Strong at (303)561-2242 or Kenzie.Strong@unitedwaydenver.org.