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Corporate Volunteerism

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Volunteer with us and help us change lives and transform your community 

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

Mile High United Way is committed to engaging businesses to make an impact in our community through corporate volunteerism. We offer professional consultation and a variety of opportunities to connect your company to organizations in need of volunteers.

Volunteerism is Good for Business: it enhances a company’s public image, builds employee morale and strengthens loyalty among customers and employees.

Volunteerism is Good for Community: it creates positive social change and promotes healthier communities.

Corporate Volunteerism Services and Opportunities: 

Day of Service

A great way to engage your staff is with a team-building community project . Mile High United Way’s Weekly List makes it easy to find an organization that is ready to welcome your staff for a volunteer day of service. For more information, visit Volunteer United, or email our Volunteer department at volunteer@unitedwaydenver.org.

Talent Sharing

Mile High United Way helps you connect with opportunities to use your staff’s skills to give back to the community.  

School Partners

Team up with Mile High United Way and Denver Public Schools Foundation to help students excel in the classroom and build a brighter future. Learn more about School Partners opportunities.

Community Kits

Assemble community kits such as literacy kits or move-in ready kits that can be distributed by schools and organizations. This can be done in-office and is a great option for employees that want to volunteer but are unable to leave the workplace.  

Volunteer at Community Events

Help Mile High United Way fulfill its mission by volunteering at fundraisers and community outreach events.

Sign up to volunteer or find out more by contacting Julia Hughes at (303) 561-2275 or julia.hughes@unitedwaydenver.org

360 Consultation

Our staff will work with your team to develop annual service plans, focus and solidify service objectives, provide community best practices, help develop volunteer recruitment campaigns and answer all volunteer- related questions. 

Contact Anna Robinson for a 360 consultation at (303) 561-2126 or Anna.Robinson@unitedwaydenver.org.